School Cancellations and Remote snow days

In preparation for New England winters, the Connecticut Department of Education has provided school superintendents with the flexibility to utilize remote learning in lieu of cancelling school for “snow days” this year. Since each storm presents unique considerations in terms of conditions and impact, we will determine whether we will utilize remote learning instead of a school cancellation with each occurrence. If wide-scale power or internet disruptions are occurring during a storm, for example, school will be cancelled.

On “snow days” in which we use remote learning, we will follow a uniform start and end time across all five schools. The student day will begin at 9:00AM and end at 1:30PM. This will allow our staff and students the opportunity to prepare for remote learning prior to the school day starting on a “snow day,” and also allow families with children in multiple schools to have a consistent schedule. Students and families will receive additional information with specific schedules from each school and the schedules are posted on the website.

Our certified and non-certified staff who work with students will work remotely on remote “snow days,” as no students will be present in school. Additionally, our school and District offices will be closed on “snow days” with administrators and staff also working remotely. All remote learning “snow days'' will be counted as school days and therefore will not require additional days to be added to our school calendar in June. At present, our last day of school is scheduled to be June 10, 2021. This date will be extended for any days that weather requires a cancellation of school.

In the event school is closed because of bad weather or another emergency, announcements will be made. Information regarding school cancellation will be delivered automatically to parents through our automated messaging service. This service relied on the accuracy of the information provided by the parent at the time of their child’s enrollment. This information can be updated. For assistance, contact the school’s secretary who can assist you with this process. School closing information is also shared through local radio, television, or by accessing the school’s website. Please do not call the radio stations, police, schools or the superintendent.