Recess is an important part of the school’s planned day. All students in elementary school shall have in the regular school day, time devoted to physical exercise, of not less than twenty minutes in total, unless altered for a student by a Planning and Placement Team for a child requiring special education. Such physical exercise can be a combination of planned physical education classes, recess, and/or teacher-directed classroom activities. The period of physical activity will not be taken away from an elementary student as a form of punishment. In addition, students in all grades, K-12, cannot be assigned physical activity as a form of punishment.

Recess time is generally scheduled either immediately before or after their normally scheduled lunch period. On early dismissal days, recess will not be held. Recess provides all students with an opportunity to socialize, to exercise, and to play in a less structured setting. It also allows children to make friends, and to develop the ability to occupy free time creatively. When the temperature outdoors is 20 degrees or warmer, children will go outside for recess. When the temperature drops below 20 degrees or when the wind is blowing, causing the wind chill factor to be below 20 degrees, or when there is any precipitation, the students will remain indoors. The school utilizes a Weather Bug® station mounted on the school’s roof to obtain the most up to date and accurate weather information.

If children are well enough to come to school, then they are well enough to go outside; conversely, if children are not well enough to go outside, then they may not be well enough to be in school.