Proposed Recess Waves: Each day there will be 5 recess waves at PGS. Grade levels cohorts will be utilized to limit the number of interactions students have with peers each day. These cohorts will remain in place and consistent until such a time that guidance is provided from the State of Connecticut and our Central Office Administration. Found below are the suggestions for the phase in plan for recess waves beginning with the first day of school.

Playground layout and use: The Pine Grove School playground and surrounding fields will be utilized by grade level cohorts for recess each day. The playground will be utilized on a rotating basis with the same cohort of students that eat lunch together, being paired together for recess.

Phase 1

Time Frame: August 31, 2020 - September 4, 2020

Location: Playground and Fields

Overview: During phase 1, students will work with their class and teacher to reinforce good recess routines and practice using recess equipment safely. A schedule will be provided to classroom teachers so that they may utilize the playground or surrounding fields independent of other classes. Throughout this time, some classes will visit the PGS playground to practice having recess within the space while following newly established protocols. The focus will be to prepare students for phase 2.

Phase 2

Time Frame: September 7, 2020 - October 30, 2020

Location: Playground and Fields

Overview: During phase 2, students will use the playground or surrounding fields for recess. Students will play in the same cohort that they eat lunch with each day. This will take place on a rotating A/B or A/B/C schedule. Each day, one cohort will utilize the playground equipment while the opposite cohort(s) will utilize other locations (fields, school yard, courtyard, etc.) for recess. Due to the fact that we are currently slated for 8 sections of grade one, three cohorts may be needed.