Dismissal days (daily, early, emergency)


Daily Student Dismissal Time: 3:25 PM - 3:40 PM 

Daily Staff Departure Time: 3:40 PM 

Afternoon Pick Up Process: Each afternoon, Pine Grove School will utilize a mix of certified and noncertified staff to support dismissal. Staff will be strategically placed throughout the building, at the front entrance, and at each dismissal location to ensure students can travel safely to either their bus or family’s vehicle. 

Prior to 3:25, classroom teachers will dismiss students to coat rooms and lockers to obtain their belongings.

Dismissal is at 3:25pm. At that time our end of day announcements will be made and buses will begin to be called. 

Parent pick up will take place from our gym. Adults picking up children are asked to park in the parking lot and walk across the crosswalk to check in with our security specialist. 

Upon arrival you will be asked to show identification and your child’s name will be added to the pick up list. Once you give your name, please proceed to the blacktop near the gym. 

A staff member in the gym will call your child’s name and they will be dismissed to you through the gym doors. 

Parents who need access to the building will need to do so through the front entrance. When returning to the parking lot, please do so via the crosswalk.


Several afternoons during the school year have been set aside for conferences and professional development. The school calendar lists predetermined early dismissal days. Please take advantage of these days to schedule doctor and dental appointments or other commitments which might otherwise take your child out of school. 


Late-forming storms could require early dismissal for all schools. Other unforeseen circumstances could cause one or more schools to be dismissed early. In the event school will be closing early because of bad weather or another emergency, announcements will be made. Information regarding school cancellation will be delivered automatically to parents through our automated messaging service. (See above) Emergency school closing information is also shared through local radio, television, or by accessing the school’s website. At the start of each school year, parents are asked to complete a form regarding emergency school closings. This form will be utilized by the school’s staff in the event of an emergency closing. The form indicates the emergency dismissal procedure for your child. Please review the form each fall when school opens and ensure its return to our office. The school will not deviate from this plan unless written permission is given from the parent. 

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