Please do not ask to have your child dismissed early from class unless it is absolutely necessary. The end of the school can be particularly hectic as children and teachers are organizing and preparing for dismissal. From approximately 3:00 until 3:25 is a very busy time. Students leaving at that time interrupt the orderly dismissal of all students and can interfere with the teachers’ last minute instructions. It can also mean children do not get valuable information at the conclusion of the school day.

If a parent arrives at school after 3:00 they will be asked to enter their child(rens) name(s) to the parent pick up list. The child(ren) will be NOT be called down until 3:25 PM at which time they will be part of the normal end of the day dismissal process.

If your child must be dismissed early for an important appointment which cannot be scheduled during vacation or later in the day, please send a note to the teacher with your child rather than having the office interrupt the class with a phone call. It may be necessary on occasion to have your child leave for a doctor’s visit; however activities such as sports, music instruction, and other extra-curricular programs should be scheduled so that your child does not have to leave school early. We want to communicate to our children the importance of school. Leaving school early for extra-curricular activities communicates to them that these activities are more important than school.

Thank you for your help in making the dismissal of all children at the end of the day smooth and orderly.