Parent Pickup

Afternoon Pick Up Time: 3:25

We will utilize the same student pick up traffic route as we did last year. The image to the right highlights the traffic pattern for families to follow during dismissal each day. The BLUE arrows show the direction of traffic as families enter to pick up their child. The RED arrows show the path families should follow for exiting the parking lot.

● Be sure to take your first left once you pull into the parking lot from Scoville Road.

● We ask that you stay on this path only.

● Please be sure to yield at the spots shown to allow buses to flow into our bus lane and keep our students and staff safe.

● Please give buses the right of way.

● Please only exit to the RIGHT after picking up your child.

Half Days Pick Up Time: 11:50 AM

Keep our office staff updated. Please alert us prior to 11:15 AM on half days and 3:00 PM on full days of any changes to your child’s dismissal plan. You can email us at:

The BLUE arrows show the direction of traffic as families enter for pick up. The RED arrows should the path families should follow for exiting the parking lot.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: What if the need arises to pick up my child from school and his/her name is not on the daily pick up list? A: It is always helpful when you know in advance and can send a note/email in with your child. This allows both office staff and teachers to be prepared for the change in plan. Please include in the note: your name, your child’s name, the teacher’s name, and the time you plan to pick him/her up. If you need to pick up your child during the school day please park in our main lot and check in at the front doors of the school. Our security guard or office staff will assist you. If you plan to add your child during dismissal, please indicate this in your note/email and your child will join the pickup line in our gym that afternoon. Q: What if I am late? A: Life happens. If your child is scheduled to be picked up at 2:55 PM but you do not arrive until 3:20, please join the pickup line. He/she will be waiting for you in the gym where pick up dismissal is located. Q: Will my child miss school work? A: Our staff has been made aware of the change in schedule and need to adjust under our current conditions. Teachers have adjusted their schedules accordingly. By this time of day, new instruction has generally been completed for the day and students are completing work as well as end of the day closing activities. Children who leave at 2:55 will not miss new instruction. Q: How can I help the process go smoothly each day? A: The best way to support our efforts is to: Follow the plan we have shared as closely as possible. Arrive as close to the set pick up times as you can. Drive safely, giving buses the right of way, and following the traffic route shown in blue above.