Parent Pickup

All students will need to be signed out by a parent or legal guardian to be picked up and dismissed from Pine Grove School. Parents will be checked in beginning shortly after 3:00 each day and will wait in the designated parent pick up location in the school until they are united with their child. Parents and students should exit the building at this time to assist with an orderly dismissal. If necessary, a valid form of identification may be required to gain permission to the school’s parent pick up location and/or to dismiss a child. The school reserves the right to ask for identification at any time.

Anyone picking up students at dismissal time (3:25 P.M.) should not park in the bus lanes or the student drop off area at the front of the school. Parking areas should be used when picking up a child at dismissal time. Parents should be aware that student safety is hindered when cars are blocking the normal bus lanes. If a student’s after school or dismissal plans depart from the routine, e.g. if a student is to be picked up by a parent or if a student will be going to a friend’s house to visit, a note should be sent to the teacher so that the school is aware of all such plans. All such plans will be made at home before the children arrive at school. Children being picked up will be dismissed to the cafeteria.