In order to facilitate a contactless purchasing environment for students accessing school meals, parents are strongly encouraged to utilize MySchoolBucks, the online payment system, and place lunch orders utilizing our new pre-ordering system, Nutrislice. Orders can be requested for up to five school days in advance. Same day orders must be placed by 6:00 AM

All existing student balances have been migrated to MySchoolBucks, and information to create and access your account can be found HERE. An email was sent to all parents and guardians with Student ID# and Pin#.

Cost of Meals:

Pine Grove School & Roaring Brook School

Breakfast: Reduced Cost $.30, Full Cost $1.50

Lunch: Reduced Cost $.40, Full Cost $3.25

For more detailed information and for Meal Ordering & Pick up for Hybrid & Remote Students Who are Home click HERE

There is an app for everything!

Nutrislice App:

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MySchoolBucks App:

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Proposed Lunch Waves: Each day there will be 5 lunch waves at PGS. Grade level cohorts will be utilized to limit the number of interactions students have with peers each day. These cohorts will remain in place and consistent until such a time that guidance is provided from the State of Connecticut and our Central Office Administration. Found below are the suggestions for the phase in plan for school lunch waves beginning with the first day of school.

Cafeteria Layout and Design: The PGS cafeteria will be set up to accommodate 1 cohort at a time. Each cohort will consist of 2-3 classroom sections. Students will sit diagonal 4’ apart, with 5 students at each table. A picture is provided to demonstrate spacing. In addition to this, students will bring their plastic desk shields with them to lunch to provide additional protection. Each cohort will be spaced 14’ apart while still providing traveling lanes through and around the cafeteria.

Phase 1

Time Frame: August 31, 2020 - September 4, 2020

Location: General education classrooms

Overview: During phase 1, students will work within their classrooms to reinforce good lunch time routines and practice proper hand washing and hygiene prior to meals. The cafeteria staff will deliver ‘grab and go’ lunches to classrooms for students who choose to purchase lunch each day. Throughout this time, some classes will visit the PGS cafeteria to practice having lunch within the space while following newly established protocols. The focus will be to prepare students for phase 2

Phase 2

Time Frame: On or around September 7, 2020 - October 30, 2020

Location: PGS Cafeteria and general education classrooms (or alternative outdoor space)

Overview: During phase 2, students will begin to travel in cohorts to the cafeteria for lunch. This will take place on a rotating A/B or A/B/C schedule. Each day, one cohort will travel to the cafeteria to eat lunch while the opposite cohort will remain in classrooms or utilize other locations (school yard, courtyard, etc.) for lunch. Note: Times for cafeteria usage is adjusted at the start of this phase, intentionally permitting additional time for Kindergarten students, and also providing a longer period of time between groups for cleaning purposes. This may or may not be adjusted depending on experience and guidance as the fall progresses