Parent Drop Off

Parent Drop Off Time: 8:30 - 8:50 AM

We will be going back to our drop off plan from 2019-2020. Students WILL NOT be dropped off by pulling around the back of the building as we did last year. Families dropping off students by car should pull into the parking lot from Scoville Road, stay to the right, and pull up toward the front of the building and follow these directions:

● Follow the signs to the designated drop off area

● Stay in line. Do not pull around other vehicles

● Have your child ready to exit the vehicle on the right (passenger) side only

● Pull up as far as you can, then have your child exit the vehicle. Do not get out of your car.

Staff will assist with opening car doors.

● Check on your left for incoming buses before exiting the drop off line to your left

Keep our office staff updated. Please alert us prior to 11:15 AM on half days and 3:00 PM on full days of any changes to your child’s dismissal plan. You can email us at:

There are often many parent drop offs and we ask that children are ready to exit the vehicle and parents move along safely when it is their turn in the drop off line.

To facilitate a safe and efficient drop off, we ask that children exit only on the passenger side of the vehicle.

We also ask that children exit their parent’s vehicle at all locations within the parent drop off zone and parents do not wait to pull up closer to the school to drop their children off. This slows the process 10 down tremendously.

If you want to escort your child to the door, or if you need to enter the building, park in the lot at the front of the building.