Parent Drop Off

Parent Drop Off Time: 8:30 - 8:50 AM

  • Please follow the new “loop” as you enter the parking lot. This will assist with the abundance of family vehicles and keep our bus lane clear.

  • We ask that you stay on this path only.

  • Please be sure to yield at the spots shown. The first spot to yield will allow buses to flow into our bus lane. The second and third spots will keep our students and staff safe.

  • Please give buses the right of way.

  • Please only exit to the RIGHT after dropping off or picking up your child.

  • Keep our office staff updated. Please alert us prior to 11:15 AM on half days and 3:00 PM on full days of any changes to your child’s dismissal plan. You can email us at:

The BLUE arrows show the direction of traffic as families enter for pick up and drop off. The RED arrows should the path families should follow for exiting the parking lot .