PTO Fundraising

The Pine Grove School PTO works with the faculty and administration to enhance the school environment, support PGS teachers and staff, and provide innovative programs to enrich the students.* The PGS PTO is looking for your support in achieving these goals, and we have some great ways for you to help. 

At any time, you may provide a direct donation in any amount to the PTO in lieu of participating in school fundraisers. 

Checks can be made payable to the "PGS PTO" and sent in with your child in an envelope marked "PGS PTO Donation."

We appreciate your support and feel lucky to have such an active and caring school community!

*For the 2022-23 school year, we were able to purchase new soccer goals, a clay roller for art, new instruments for our music department, STEAM Materials, new tug of war rope for the wellness department, fully fund the 4th grade sycamore day, financially support in class field trips, and teacher stipends. This was a great year for PGS and we couldn't have done it without the generous donations from our families! Thank you so much! 


The PTO's largest Fundraiser

"Piney's Dance Off"

For more information on the Dance-a-Thon and the reasons why we fundraise, see the attached letter and operating budget