Morning Arrival & Delayed Openings 

Morning Arrival

School Times at Pine Grove School:  8:50 am - 3:25 pm 

Daily Staff Arrival Time: 8:25 AM

Daily Student Arrival Time: 8:35 AM - 8:50 AM 

Staff On Duty: Each morning Pine Grove School will utilize a mix of certified and non-certified staff to support morning arrival. Staff will be strategically placed throughout the building, at the front entrance, in hallways, and in classrooms to greet students and ensure safe passage to class. Once in the building, students will report directly to their classrooms. 


There may be occasions during the school year when, because of inclement weather, it will be necessary to delay the opening of school by 2 hours. In that event, children may be dropped off beginning at 10:30 and the school day will officially begin at 10:50. 

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