On Wednesday Feb 23, the PTO is bringing a local Connecticut author Shaylyn Young to visit PGS as our fist IN-PERSON author visit since the pandemic. Shaylyn will be visiting with the kindergarten and first grade classes to read her book "Sadie and Jace: Make a Friend, Be a Friend."

This beautifully illustrated book teaches conversational skills, specifically addressing different social-emotional and communication concepts such as asking questions, understanding thoughts, thinking of others' feelings, and encouraging diversity. Shaylyn Young is a counselor and a behavior analyst for children with autism and related disabilities. We hope our students will enjoy Shaylyn's visit and we are thrilled to have her connect with our youngest of listeners. 

The visit is part of our PGS PTO enrichment program to enhance the PGS reading curriculum and at the same time to support local authors! The PTO graciously gifted each of our Kindergarten and First Grade teachers a copy of Shaylyn's book for their classroom library.  

If you are interested in buying this book, it is available for purchase through Amazon. 

Mystic Aquarium is visiting PGS as part of an Enrichment Program that PGS PTO supports with the help of our awesome community!

Our 2nd and 3rd graders had the opportunity to meet and explore various see creatures in November and December.


Mystic Aquarium is meeting with our 1st graders on February 28. The visit was postponed due to the bad weather last Friday.

All kindergarteners will also have the opportunity to meet Mystic Aquarium in May.

Thanks to your continued support we can bring programs such as this and support the PGS curriculum with hands-on investigations of live animals and rare biofacts.

PGS Kindness Cart making rounds soon!

A simple Thank You goes a long way! The PTO Kindness Cart is our way of showing our teachers and staff how much we appreciate them! The cart will go room to room surprising our amazing PGS team with drinks, snacks, and treats and hopefully delivering a little smile and gratitude along the way.  Each month, families from each grade will have an opportunity to sponsor the cart through donations of snacks and beverages. We had wonderful feedback and thanks from the teachers during December when the PTO sponsored the cart. We are hoping to make this a monthly tradition, possibly even twice monthly if there is interest.  See below for which month your grade is sponsoring the cart and be on the lookout for the sign up!  

Thank you so much PGS families for your continued generosity!  

Connecticut Autor Shaylyn Young at her visit to PGS