Time Capsules

Fluorescent and black slap bracelet, Mickey Mouse Band Aid, a list of endangered animals, and Debbie Gibson’s “Out of the Blue” music cassette. This is not a weird list of random items, but a treasure trove of objects buried in a corner stone vault as a part of a PGS time capsule.

In 1991, after opening the Towpath School Time Capsule, the principal Mr. Mark Nolan and school officials decided to collect things interesting, memorable, and fun to represent the kids’ activities and interests in the 1990s.

And so, a letter was sent out to all students and parents requesting items for the vault. They requested the photographs to be black and white, so as not to fade. They also asked that India ink be used on papers and drawings because it is permanent. Other items had to be made of metal that does not rust, stone, ceramic, plastic, or glass. Paper items had to be acid free, laminated or wrapped in plastic.

In 100 or 200 years the future PGS students will be fascinated to discover these and many more interesting objects hiding in the PGS Time Capsule.

Click here to learn more about this hidden treasure in an article from the Hartford Courant · 27 Nov 1991, Wed · Page 86.

But this is not all! On Friday, September 21, 2001, the PGS students and staff created another Time Capsule. Currently safeguarded in the PGS office. Inside we can find among other things the music cassette of the PGS Song, the 2001 5th Grade  Spring Concert, stuffed animals, computer mouse and so much more! 

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