The PGS Flag

 "The circle stands for the circle of friendship; we should all be friends with each other."

These are the words the then 8 year old Suzy Silk wrote on her flag design submission for the PGS Flag Contest that took place during Earth Day week in 1992. The 3rd grader’s artwork was one of 300 entries and was selected along with 20 submissions as the top entries. The PGS pupils at the school then voted to determine the winner. Little Suzy’s combination of three pine trees, a yellow circle and the blue and white of the state flag was a winner!

The Original Flag Submission and an article showing Suzy with the PGS Flag. Courtesy of  Anne and James Silk

The flag was recreated by the Avon resident Chrissie D'Esopo, and during the Earth Week celebrations principal Mark Nolan announced that a large nylon-and-felt version of the flag would be hung in the library! 

Today Suzy is all grown up with a family of her own and still visits Avon and her mom and dad - Anne and James Silk. Some of Suzanne's most cherished memories are connected to PGS! She wishes all current PGS students bright and happy days in PGS!

 Click here to learn more about this memorable time in PGS history from The Hartford Courant from 25 Apr 1992, Sat  •  Page 81

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