Multicultural Fair

Fourth Annual 
Pine Grove Multicultural Fair
Share Your Culture 
with the students of Pine Grove
Join us on Friday, January 20th!

Volunteers Needed for the Pine Grove School Multicultural Family Fair

Pine Grove School is planning our Third Annual Multicultural Family Fair to be held on Friday, January 22nd.  We would like to invite any interested parent or family member to participate. The event will take place during the school day 9:00 – 3:00 and provide our students an opportunity to experience the many different cultures and countries represented by our school community.

The fair will consist of tables or “booths” that represent cultures and/or countries from around the world. These tables do not have to be manned though we encourage family members to do so to share with students their culture. You may also sign up to set up a table for display purposes only. Some ideas that each table might include are:

  • Pictures of: landmarks, geography or festivals. (hardcopy or slide show)
  • Examples of games or activities played by children
  • Clothing samples
  • Pictures of different cuisines (we ask that no food be served)
  • Demonstration of languages (teaching a word or phrase)
  • Maps
  • National symbols or flags
  • Attractions
  • Music or examples of Art Work

We are asking that interested parents or families RSVP by Friday, January 8th.  You may submit your booth reservation using the form below.  If you have any further questions, please feel free to send an email to

Multi Cultural Fair 2016