PGS PTO Board and Committee Chairs for 2019 -2020:

Executive Board
Co-President Sunil Kukreja
Co-President Rebecca Sposito
Co-Vice President – Fundraising Christa Titone
Co-Vice President – Fundraising Kelly Nevins
Asst. Fundraising Gina Rosado
Enrichment Programs Robin Baran
Enrichment Programs Julie Dunn
Secretary Jenna Gray
Treasurer Jaclyn Pare
Co-Website/Communication Jennifer Soucy
Co-Website/Communication Siby Varghese
Co-Website/Communication Diyana Miriyala
School Climate:
Courtyard Brooke Salsbury
Courtyard Erin Lawless
First Week of School Kristen Bittar
Grounds & Gardens Tammy Gillet
Hospitality Jennifer Oligino
Hospitality Ann Niaura
Lost & Found Cristi Donato
Lost & Found Roxana Kehn
Photography Jill Rudolph
Photography Roxana Kehn
Nominating & By-Laws Sunil Kukreja
Kindergarten Popsicle Social Jaclyn Pare
Inspirational Quotes Jill Rudolph
Auction - Online Jennifer Huber
Auction - Online John Evans
Box Tops & Labels for Education Sarah Needham
 Book Fair Winter and Spring Jodi Stark
 Book Fair Winter and Spring Sahra Kraft
Boosterthon Fall 2019 Jennifer Soucy
Boosterthon Fall 2019 Rebecca Sposito
School Photos Courtney Davis
School Photos Meg MacDonalds
School Photos Roxana Kehn
School Supplies OPEN
PGS Yearbook Jenna Gray
PGS Yearbook Kristin Bittar
Multicultural Committee Liora Reznichenko
New Family Liaison Nanaz Khosrowshahi
New Family Liaison Tabitha Carr
Ben Bells Mural Christa Titone
Ben Bells Mural Gina Rosado
Donuts with Grown Ups Kelly O'Connell
Donuts with Grown Ups Tammy Dickison
Library Project Arunita Patra
Library Project Jenna Gray
One School, One Book Arunita Patra
One School, One Book Jenna Gray
Teacher Connections:
In Class Programs Jenna Gray
Library Volunteers Jodi Stark
Library Volunteers Arunita Patra
Publishing Center  Sahra Kraft
Room Lead Jaclyn Pare
Student Connections:
Activity Stations (Decathlon) Sarah Needham
Activity Stations (Decathlon) Paula Marino
School Spirit Committee Adara Buzecan
School Spirit Committee Kelsey Nemarich
Fourth Grade Activities:
Coordinators Alescia Ford-Lanza
Coordinators Jennifer Soucy
Piney Paws Calls OPEN
Class Photo Alescia Ford-Lanza
Class Slideshow Alescia Ford-Lanza
Class Slideshow Jennifer Soucy
Class T-shirt Alescia Ford-Lanza
Class T-shirt Shelly Walsh
Maypole Dance OPEN
Popsicle Social OPEN
Sycamore Day Heather Callaghan
Sycamore Day Mary Ellen Reece
Sycamore Day Wayne Bartolucci