The Pine Grove School PTO works with the faculty and administration to enhance the school environment and programs for the school. The PGS PTO is looking for your support in achieving these goals, and we have some great ways for you to help. As always, you may provide a direct donation to the PTO in lieu of participating in the selected fundraisers. Please feel free to make a donation at any time, in any amount you feel appropriate.  Checks can be made payable to the PGS PTO and sent in an envelope marked "PGS PTO Donation" via your child's backpack mail.  

PGS PTO Fall Fundraising Opportunities

Please consider supporting the PTO this year through our upcoming fundraising opportunities. Every dollar you give goes directly back into funding school programs including "In-class Field Trips" presented by Mystic Aquarium, Roaring Brook Nature Center, Noah Webster House, and Hartford Stage. The PTO is dedicated to supporting our school and teachers to provide innovative and creative ways to teach our children.

We appreciate your support and feel lucky to have such an active and caring school community.

One and Almost Done Donation

Do you ever dream of writing one check and never having to hear the word fundraising again? Then this is the option for you! Please send check made out to PGS PTO, along with the completed bottom portion of this sheet, to the school in an envelope marked One and Almost Done. The Pine Grove School Parent-Teacher Organization, INC. is a recognized non-profit organization under IRS code 501(c)3, so your donation may qualify as a charitable deduction for federal income tax purposes.

Please note that even if you contribute to the One and Almost Done, you will continue to receive fundraising information throughout the year. Please do not feel obligated to take part in these fundraisers.